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Using his expert knowledge in all areas of cycling, Tej acted as an essential founding figure for TS Bike Repair and has been providing quality services to the Scottsdale community for many years. His love for fixing bikes is fueled by his strong passion for mountain biking. As he is studying business at Arizona State University, Tej understands how important customer service is in a successful business. Fluent in many technical areas, Tej is able to service all types of bikes and would be happy to provide any assistance that you may need!

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In addition to serving as one of the founding mechanics for the company, as a genuine bike enthusiast and avid mountain biker, Trevor brings a unique eye for upgraded part recommendations and custom builds.  He is skilled at servicing road bikes, e-bikes, mountain bikes, cruisers, kids bikes, and more.  For new bike assembly, recommendations, custom builds, and routine service; Trevor provides a level of service that will leave you very impressed! Enrolled in the honors mechanical engineering program at Grand Canyon University, Trevor easily recognizes ways to refine your ride.